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Plastic Pipes & Fittings Factory (PPFF) /Yousif Khalid Al Adasani Est. Established as a specialized plastic producer, with international aspirations, built around a large capacity and technologically advanced PVC, CPVC, PPR, PE and PB pipes and fittings for water and electrical installations, with goals of becoming the leading fabricator supplier, installer, and distributor of pipes and fittings.

PPFF state of the art product line and experience has created a comprehensive solution to satisfy virtually any architectural structural requirements. Deep-rooted regional operational expertise forms the basis for PPFF international expansions namely in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

To become a household name as an industrial market leader in construction Plastic Pipes & Fittings through manufacturing, processing, installing and maintaining all kinds of Plastic Pipes & Fittings used in commercial and residential structures.

To establish operations in various countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia to better serve local markets, while capitalizing on, and developing, vast and deep-rooted market and industrial knowledge, and expertise.

With the global demand for its products being at an all-time high, PPFF intends to market and sell its products internationally. To achieve its goals, PPFF plant to expand both organically, through manufacturing facilities and an increase of product range. Where acquisitions are concerned, PPFF prefers managerial control of targeted business or company, but may opt for a minority interest if the strategy called for it.

In 1974 Mr. Yousif Khalid Al-Adasani established the Plastic Pipes & Fittings Factory in Al-Rai area in Kuwait organized under the laws of the State of Kuwait. Since its inception, it is the pioneer in U-PVC Pipes and Fittings in the Gulf region. Today the factory is located in Sabhan Industrial Area enjoys a high reputation for the supply of U-PVC, C-PVC,PP-R, PB and PE pipes covering a production capacity of 33000 tons a year. With high technology and experience ,our factory nowadays produces million of meters and pieces of pipes and fittings annually

PPFF management team is comprised of seasoned professionals in their respective fields. Their strategy with full confidence in the operational management’s ability to execute the said strategy while capitalizing on existing synergies and maximizing investment returns.

World Class:
PPFF believes in order to be world class we must achieve the following:
1. Uniqueness / differentiation
2. Focus
3. Global orientation
4. Innovation
5. An intelligence network
6. Ability to attract talented people
7. Social and environmental responsibility
8. Ability to act fast and take hard decisions
9. Systems, structures in place and properly maintained
10. Personal accountability
11. Culture of achievement and performance based on personal commitment

We are recognized by our customers and suppliers as a trust worthy business – partners. We are striving to deliver high quality products and perfect services with the combined efforts of our well-practiced management, experienced technicians, high tech machinery, skilled workers and high professional salesmen and sales engineers.

We warmly invite you to have business cooperation with us.

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